Parlor Room: Oct 6

Weekly Recap

We’ve had a bevy of final tables submitted this week by our lovely ladies VioletMystery, diverdown, Cindycourt, LC, FunFunster and Grinder Girl. LC has been on the mega grind with the ODs while Grinder Girl winks as she appreciates the OD Wheel Strat.  Winner of the $16.50 wheel ticket draw on Saturday night during the Ladies Night Lounge Community PKO game hosted by Arlynnia was LC60 aka LC, congrats again girlfriend!  Send in your final table lobby screen shots to the Ladies Night Lounge Discord. 

The Final Season Grand Champ game has come to a close with Neilhibird coming in at the top! It was a long 3 months grinding to this point and we are grateful for those showing their support of Ladies in Poker!

LNL Breast Cancer Charity Game

October is very special month for the ladies of Ladies Night Lounge, as Violet, Kymmers and Arlynnia brew up some very special events for their communities on these crisp fall Saturdays.  This is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the ladies in the lounge are doing their share to bring awareness and help place a BAD BEAT ON CANCER. As the girls host their games this month, they will also be raising money for the “girls” with a multi-stream fundraising effort for the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF). It’s easy to donate in Twitch and you’ll get a receipt for tax purposes sent directly to your email.  Your contributions help continue research for better treatments, earlier detection, education on self exams, and a host of resources for women and their families dealing with breast cancer.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and can help change lives! 

In addition, the 3 ladies are triple hosting our very own charity fundraiser game on ACR Poker, Sunday, October 22nd, at 2pm EST.  This is a $22 buy in, unlimited re-entry, $2500 GTD prize pool event that ACR Poker will match up to $5000 for donation to United Breast Cancer Foundation  

 Last and most certainly not least, we would like to introduce you to the LNL Community Kindness Project.  This is a community wide project that we will be releasing more details on in the very near future.  The idea for this project stemmed from a real life experience of Arlynnia’s around this time of the year last year. 

While on her way to play live at one of her Houston card rooms, she stopped for gas and coffee.  Pumping gas and thinking about the tournament she was about to play, a very scruffy looking fellow walked up with 5 gallon gas can in hand , and asked her for $3 in gas.  She filled his gas can with $25 in gas, thinking that money she would have put toward a rebuy/add on was put to better use in that way. 

With that in mind, we want to see good deeds, big or small, that our community members have done. Details on the project will coming soon and we can tell you that those of you that participate in this project will have a chance to play for life changing money!  Go ahead and get those thinking caps on for what kind of good deeds and karma you can create, in whatever way that may be.  There are many ways to serve your fellow humans, environment, and all other living things on the planet, with volunteer work, conservation work, donations, or small deeds like helping someone in need that crosses your path unexpectedly.  Creating good karma can only do good!