Ladies Night Lounge gets prepared for Pre-Season!

Ladies Night poker fun returns in 2022 and we are excited about the changes! As in times past, this is a Twitch streamed poker game hosted by ladies in poker.

This year, we are adding a segment prior to the game to include a talk show discussing accomplishments and achievements of ladies over the globe making a mark in the poker industry. These spotlights could be on a pro player winning a major game, a dealer, poker commentator, or any lady that has a milestone to share!

We are honored to work with AmericasCardroom in providing the game for the community. ACR has graciously stepped up to sponsor this event and has given additional prizes to be won!


Winner of each weekly game will not only get the money won in the game, but a digital trophy shout out and a $16.50 ticket from AmericasCardroom!

Top 3 Finishers of the Pre-Season Leader Board will each receive a $55 ticket from AmericasCardroom!

How to qualify for points:

Simply play in the weekly game on Saturday night. Top 18 players receive a min of one point. Join the Twitch Stream to qualify for these extra points to the Leader Board:

  • Bullet Joker – most bullets fired = #bullets = #points
  • Bad Beat Boss – who had the worst BB = 10 pts
  • First Blood – who got the first knock out = 25 pts
  • Bounty Bucket – player with most bounties = 10 pts
  • Broken Bow/Arrow – makes it to FT without a bounty = 25 pts
  • All Quads – wins with biggest quad hand of the game = 30 pts
  • Royalty Honors – wins a hand with a Royal Flush = 50 pts

You can check the leader board page for all the point details!