Parlor Room: Sept 28

Weekly Recap

Though the weather is starting to cool off in a lot of places, things are heating up in the Ladies Night Lounge.  An immense amount of final tables have been submitted over the last week by our wonderful community members VioletMystery, Angiemae, diverdown, Cindycourt, Delenia, pontamous21, Dayjahvue, Kymmers66, LC, pontamous21, VioletMystery, PoorKatSue, FunFunster, LadyHookz and Grinder Girl.  Binks were obtained by diverdown in an On Demand, a Daily Down Under 100 GTD, LC in an On Demand, Delenia in The Drunken Donk’s Weekend Kickoff.  We had lots of 2nd places submitted, so we know we have some crushing happening!

Winner of the $16.50 wheel ticket draw on Saturday night during the Ladies Night Lounge Community PKO game hosted by VioletMystery was LC60 aka LC, congrats girlfriend!  Ladies, keep cranking out those final tables and sending in those screen shots to the Ladies Night Lounge Discord.  We have one more Saturday nights of LNL Trifecta fun and one more weekly wheel draw and the monthly wheel draw.  This Saturday, the 30th, is the Grand Champ Game at 8:30pm EST.


  • First: $55 ticket x2
  • Second: $33 ticket x2
  • Third: $22 ticket x2


Top 50% of the leader board players in points will qualify for entry to the

Quarterly $300 Grand Champ Game

Akjordan16 locked up 1st place on the Season 6 Leaderboard, with ThaNak in 2nd, and LeuitantPeac in 3rd place.  However, the top 50% of players on the leaderboard are auto-registered into the Championship Game, with a $300 GTD prize pool .  Please do not unregister, you will not be able to be registered again. 

Also of note, for the next two weekends, Kymmers will be out of town enjoying her best life in Las Vegas and winning all the monies!  While she’s busy doing that, there will be a slight shift the next two Saturdays.  VioletMystery will be hosting the Ladies Night Lounge Warm Up PKO and Grand Champ Games (Sept 30), and Arlynnia will be hosting the Ladies Night Lounge Community PKO and After Dark Games.  We’ve got some extra ticket prizes to go on the Community PKO Game this Saturday and tons of fun to be had with all of you! 

Don’t forget, starting in October we begin the new Ladies Night Lounge Trifecta Monthly Leaderboard.  See prizes associated with all 3 of the games and New Monthly Leaderboard! Also coming in October is a special Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament hosted by the Ladies of LNL, upcoming news of which can be found here in the near future.  We have some very massive news upcoming for the holidays, so you will want to make sure to stay in the know by checking back frequently.  Don’t forget to support the ladies hosting the games and be kind to your fellow community members.  The holidays can bring out short tempers, so let’s remember to treat our fellow humans with kindness and love this holiday season, both off and on the felts.