Pre-Season Game 6

Pre-Season Game 6 - 03-12-2022

A total of 59 arrows were fired with 43 runners

ShadyLady50 takes the trophy home as our sixth week winner and will also receive a $16.50 ticket from AmericasCardroom.

Bonus Leader Board Points issued to:
  • Sammy1970 taking First Blood
  • BleuBayou, Pokerboss13069, & PoorKatSue tied as the Bullet Joker
  • DOEcDOE & Grinder Girl carried the Bounty Bucket together
  • “NOONE” had a Broken Bow

We played trivia for entries to the game taking the time to review some cool facts of the milestones made by Women in Poker.  Be sure to join our future shows as we will be incorporating weekly trivia games!