Pre-Season Game 5

Pre-Season Game 5 - 03-05-2022

100 Player Challenge Accepted!

A total of 193 arrows were fired with 103 runners

KushQueen710 takes the trophy home as our fifth week winner and will also receive a $16.50 ticket from AmericasCardroom.

Bonus Leader Board Points issued to:
  • HKAKASHI taking First Blood
  • DIXONKUNTZ was the Bullet Joker
  • DAYJAHVU carried the Bounty Bucket
  • “NOONE” had a Broken Bow

We were challenged by ACR to get 100 runners in the game.  The community did not fall short.  Aside from the support of Twitch Streamers, Dayjahvue, ZoesDad79 and others…we had members in stream asking for anyone that had not fired a first bullet to speak up.  It was such a fun and amazing time!

For getting our 100 players in game…the top 3 finishers are awarded a $55 ticket – good for the International Women’s Day game!