S1W12 Results

Season 1 - Week 11 - 06-18-2022

A total of 107 arrows were fired with 72 runners

Although there was a 3 way final table deal made, akjordan16 takes the trophy home and will also receive a $16.50 ticket from AmericasCardroom.

Bonus Leader Board Points issued to:
  • Wyoguy23 took First Blood
  • cyrusthevirus1374, el magnat538, & enzoev carried the Bounty Bucket
  • LadyHookz (x5) was dubbed the Bullet Joker
  • burgerking22 made it to final table with a Broken Arrow

A Final Table deal was made with the last 3 players.

2022 Season 1 Week 12 Game Lobby

Grand Champ Game will be Saturday, June 25 at 8:30p ET!  Join the us this weekend in the first Ladies of ACR Twitch Storm as we celebrate Women in Poker!