S1W9 Results

Season 1 - Week 8 - 05-21-2022

A total of 140 arrows were fired with 91 runners

MPappen takes the trophy home and will also receive a $16.50 ticket from AmericasCardroom.

Bonus Leader Board Points issued to:
  • DOEcDOE1 took First Blood
  • FlopOnDeezNuts carried the Bounty Bucket
  • 12 players were dubbed the Bullet Joker with x3 bullets fired each
    • CapeRay, Fortius9er, TheHoffy, NikoN719, pairofpigs, kbruce337, Wyoguy23, Cubs1321, Cash4PokerCOM, timofeiaulov, DOEcDOE1, and NutzFlopN
  • PoorKatSue – received All Quads – and shares a second All Quads with reignoffire to chop the pot!

Pre-Game Show begins each Saturday at 7p ET with game time at 8:30p ET.  Be sure to join early as there are a limited number of FREE entries to win ~ ALL are invited to play!

2022 Season 1 Week 9 Game Lobby


Rivers Quad 6s with one in the hand!

PoorKatSue & reignoffire

These two players score Quad 3s by carrying the kicker A to chop the pot!

What made Week 9 exciting?  We had a very special guest join us, DVirago Poker, aka Amy!  Amy recently had a great run and wanted to share with other women in poker.  She did this by taking to the Twitch streets and dropped sub and bit love on ladies streaming poker.  She also got in touch with Adam, the ACR Stormers Stream Team manager, to make sure she hadn’t missed any of the Lady Stormers.  When she dropped the love in stream, she simply chatted, “thanks for what you do for ladies in poker”.   I was fortunate enough to have Adam reach out to her and see if she would like to share her story.  She joined us in stream before the game with a little Q & A.  Once the game began, she placed a $200 bounty on herself and $50 bounties on a friend and the LNL host, Violet Mystery.

We will have a more detailed post sharing the visit from Amy, so stay tuned for more fun!