Parlor Room: Introducing Our Weekly Recap

Welcome to the Ladies Night Lounge Parlor Room where we recap and celebrate the lovely ladies of the game of poker!  Traditionally, and into current times, women in poker have always been a minority.  In the overall world of poker, women still only hold 5% of the total population.  We never let that discourage us or intimidate us in any way. 

That First Ring

Our Featured Image is Chris Read, of Biloxi, Mississippi, who recently scored her first WSOP Ring!  Chris took down the WSOP Circuit Ladies Event on August 25th that boasted not only a ring but a $20,000 GTD prize pool.  Her 1st place finish had her taking home $5865 and a WSOP Ring.  Congratulations Chris! Every year our numbers increase and every year, more and more women are making huge news in the world of poker.  We are bringing that to light here in our wonderful community of women and supporters of women in the game.

Ladies Spotlight of Final Tables

Every Saturday, over in the Ladies Night Lounge Discord VioletMystery takes all the Final Tables submitted by ladies of our wonderful community and adds the names to a wheel.  That wheel prize is for an ACR ticket, but what we are truly celebrating here is the sheer volume of Final Tables that are brought in every week.  Violet takes the time to read off every name, with every finish, to her stream during the main event.  We celebrate every great finish and every wonderful player who submitted that week before she spins that wheel.  The ticket that is won is just the cherry on top.  So ladies, remember to screenshot those Final Tables and submit them to the ladies-final-tables channel in the Discord server.  Not only is there a weekly wheel winner, but a monthly one as well!  So crush those felts, and get those screenshots in!

Final Table Bink Deal for downunder66

Ladies Night grows to 3 games

That’s right, we now have the Ladies Night Trifecta, a series of 3 games hosted by 3 lovely ladies of the ACR Stormers Stream Team.  Every single Saturday you can find this trio of ACR Stormers streaming before their game times.  Kicking off things is Kymmers66, at 4:30pm with the Ladies Night Lounge Warm Up PKO.  Founder of the project, VioletMystery4ever, has the main event at 8:30pm with the Ladies Night Lounge Community PKO.  And the afterburner is Arlynnia, with the LNL After Dark Booty Hunt Game at 12:30am.  Every one of these wonderful women give out game entries to community.

Upcoming Events

Coming in October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This issue hits home for a lot of us ladies and our friends and family members.  ACR_PKR always has a Breast Cancer Awareness tournament event that is a $10,000 GTD charity fundraiser that is put on annually.  Ladies that enter that tournament traditionally have received a ticket with the value of the buy-in of the event.  Proceeds from the event are sent to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  This is an event in which you cannot lose.  Not only are you helping out a cause that accounts for nearly 30% of all new cancer diagnoses every year, you could win big!

So join us over in the Discord server, where there is always lively interaction between community members in community-chat channel.  You can post your binks in the ladied-final-tables room, see newsworthy posts about events, tweets you should see, and of course no server is complete without a clips section.  You can see some of the funniest moments on streams in those clips!  Feel free to add to any of these channels and be part of the greatest group of ladies and their supporters out there!