2023 Season 5

April 8 – June 24

Saturdays at 7pm EST

Join Violet Mystery on Twitch every Saturday when Ladies Night Lounge kicks off at 7pm EST with a LIVE show announcing final tables and binks of ACR’s Women In Poker! 

The fun continues with a few give aways and game start time at 8:30pm EST.


Where it started…

Violet Mystery previously was a co-founder of an early version of Ladies Night hosted on Twitch in 2019-2020.  In late 2021, Violet listened to the community cries on bringing it back.  Not wanting to create a replicate of previous events, she took the foundation of the idea and started to build a new community around the focus of positivity towards Women in Poker.

Season 1 allowed us to open up a way for ACR lady players to show us their Final Tables for a chance to win bigger prizes, such as Sunday Squ33ze $100K or the Double Deuce $100K. We highlight these games and players live on stream.

A few things we are looking to bring in the future are coaching packages – game and mental, a Ladies ONLY challenge, and working on a league/team style of competition.

We look forward to seeing the growth of this positive community. And just so it is clear, you don’t have to be female to participate in the games and stream fun, just be a positive supporter of women playing poker!

We have set up a LNL Community Discord for everyone to join.  The Discord will be used to claim certain prizes, post amazing hands; and most importantly, growing a strong, positive community in support of Women in Poker.


Ladies Night Lounge is honored to have partnered a Sponsorship with Americas Cardroom.  ACR is graciously providing us with the weekly game and its $300 GTD as well as the ticket prizes for our Leader Board!  If you don’t have an account yet, click the banner below to get started!