Ladies making waves in the WOSS

Monthly Trifecta

The ladies of Ladies Night Lounge, VioletMystery4ever, Kymmers66, and Arlynnia are running strong with the Trifecta series every Saturday, with a series of 3 games with each having an $11 ticket bounty on the respective hostesses head.  Games start at 4:30pm EST and continue through the night.  This is a leaderboard series in which other prizes are awarded as well, and can be seen at any time here

Highlights of November Leaderboards: SlackerStar aka UncleSlacker, is the winner of the November Leaderboard and was eligble for a $33 ticket, with Funko1 aka Funkolover30 placing 2nd for a $22 ticket, and Sleep41 took 3rd for an $11 ticket.  Congratulations and let’s blow the roof off December!  

Highlights of Series Events

Our wonderful women of the community have been busy making work of the WOSS series with some impressive deep runs. Stormer highlight is made by Dayjavu, the deepest of which was a 3rd place finish in the WOSS #256 Micro PKO $1K GTD 5-card PLO8. 

Our ACR Team Pro HeyMonia took a banging 5th place finish in the WOSS $1M GTD Day 2, a $215 buy-in, on Sunday, November 26, for a little over $64K.  She put it in with K9 suited, and flopped a pair, turned 2 pair, and was rivered by the gutshot straight, giving villian, who was holding J10 suited, the King high straight.  It was a pleasure to watch her run so deep and rep the ladies in the game so well!  You can watch her VOD in her channel while it’s still there. 

Also of exceptional note was community member Damnthtsweet turning $11 into a $109 ticket in a satellite.  Way to go girl!

In and Around the Community

The Ladies Night Lounge contributors consistently grace final tables, from home games to large tourney series events. Applaud the achievements of diverdown6, Funkolover30, FunFunster, Dayjah, VioletMystery, Damnthtsweet, and others. Wheel spin winners, including Grinder Girl and Tikaplays, added extra flair. Kymmers66 clinched the monthly $22 prize. Share your final tables on the Discord channel for a chance at future rewards.

Please don’t forget to create random acts of kindness this holiday season and document it and post it on socials with the required items, and get qualified for a tournament to win a Venom Ticket!  Want to know more?  Head over here and read all about it, get ideas, and get busy making someone’s day a little brighter.