Community Kindness Project: Spreading Love and Positivity

The ladies of Ladies Night Lounge, VioletMystery4ever, Kymmers66, and Arlynnia are proud to bring to you the LNL Community Kindness Project starting on Sunday, October 22nd and running through Sunday, December 17th.  During this 8 week time period, we are asking our communities and poker players in general to show they have what it takes to spread love and positivity in this world.  And the world could really use some good karma right now.  This can mean anything from helping your neighbor, helping an elderly person or couple at the grocery store, volunteering with Salvation Army to ring those bells, donate food to local food pantries and ministries, local animal shelters and rescues, to volunteer time at local community kitchens or organizations that help disabled or elderly folks. There are so many ways you can help in your local community to show that people are still good in this world.  We encourage you to look around, in everyday situations to see where you can do good.  Doing these good deeds will pay off in more than one way! 

This project stemmed from a real life situation Arlynnia was in last November, around Thanksgiving.  On her way to play live poker, she was approached by a man in need of gas, with gas can in hand, while she was pumping gas into her own car.  She decided right then and there that some of the money she was taking to gamble, was put to better use helping this man, who was definitely looking like he needed the help.  He had asked for $3 in gas, she gave him $25 and filled the can he had.  It was only a few minutes of her life, but that small gesture allowed that man to get where he needed to go for the next few days.  When the ladies were brainstorming what to do this season that was community involved, Arlynnia told that story to Violet and the idea for the project was born. 

Community Kindness doesn’t have to Cost a Cent

We want to see all the wonderful deeds. Often sharing the community kindness becomes viral and others suffer from FOMO and want to join in. Help us make KINDNESS VIRAL this year.

Take a picture or a video of you doing a good deed and post it to Twitter and/or Instagram

  • use #LNLKindness
  • share your good deed story – i.e. had spare change and gave it to the tab behind me in a drive thru — helped an elderly clean their garage — etc
  • tag 3 friends
  • don’t forget to include your ACR name in the post

We will collect the names from the posts on a weekly basis and share some of the wonderful deeds we have seen in this community project to create good karma in our blog. 

Venom for Karma

Posting your Community Kindness deed with the #LNLKindness will not only share warm fuzzies but you will also receive an entry into an ACR Poker tournament (date to be announced) to play for a Venom Ticket in January!  Find yourself with extra kindness? Did you have fun and do more than one? That is so amazing!!! We want to show our appreciation in bringing as many good deeds as possible. All entries beyond the initial one will land you in a raffle for ACR Swag or ACR Tickets. So keep looking for ways you can help out in your communities, and post it far and wide across your Twitter and Instagram Socials!  We will announce raffle winners during the broadcast of our Venom Ticket game. 

LNL Breast Cancer Charity Game

Also, don’t forget to join us Sunday, October 22nd, for our LNL Breast Cancer Charity Tournament, starting at 2pm EST.  This is a $22 buy in, with 3 hours of late registration, and a $2500 GTD Prize Pool.  This is a game meant to raise money for the UBCF and ACR will match up to $5000 for that donation if we can break that GTD.  So please help us blow the roof off this event and show up large!  All 3 ladies will be hosting on VioletMystery4ever’s stream that day and will be having tons of fun with each other and the community!  We have extra prizes to be won in that stream as well, so be there to be eligible for these extra goodies!  In the meantime, you can also do some good deeds by donating in any of the ladies streams to the charity fundraiser we are doing for the United Breast Cancer Foundation until the end of October.  

Support Squad – putting a bad beat on cancer

When you purchase limited merchandise with proceeds dedicated to supporting breast cancer awareness, you’re not just buying a product – you’re making a powerful statement of solidarity. These items not only serve as tangible symbols of hope and unity but also contribute to the vital cause of raising awareness and funding for breast cancer research and support. With each purchase, you play a direct role in the fight against this devastating disease, helping countless individuals and families along the way. It’s a meaningful way to combine fashion and compassion, turning your choice of merchandise into a beacon of strength and support for those affected by breast cancer. So, why not shop with purpose and make a difference in the lives of many?

Stay tuned to all three ladies streams for the latest news and goings on with Ladies Night Lounge and ACR Poker.  We love our community members for how they can come together and do good things, from fundraising for cancer organizations to helping the person next door.  Now show the world what you have in your hearts and get out there and do some good deeds!  You might be surprised at just how good it feels to do it too!