S3W4 Results

Season 3 - Week 4 - 10-22-2022

A total of 122 arrows were fired with 83 runners

MTHummer111 takes the trophy home and will also receive an $11 ticket from AmericasCardroom.

Bonus Leader Board Points issued to:
  • flopcontbetov took First Blood
  • Kidmadman/ NibbleMeTimber (x6) were dubbed the Bullet Jokers
  • noone receives the Broken Arrow
2022 Season 3 Week 4 Game Lobby

ACR Ladies Final Tables

Each week, ladies on ACR are invited to post a screen shot of their final tables in our Discord (or via twitter tagging @LadiesNight_ACR) for a chance to win a Squeeze Ticket!

S3W3 FT Ladies

Grinder Girl
Grinder Girl

Congratulations to Grinder Girl, S3W4 Squeeze Winner!

Please join our community Discord to view all the great scores the Ladies make each week!  Then join us on stream each Saturday for the weekly community game and review of the final tables.